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We have completed the Application Process, but we have some additional questions:

How Can We Afford Brentwood School?
At Brentwood School, we understand that choosing to send your child to an independent school is a multi-year investment that will pay dividends over a lifetime. You want to be able to afford the best education for your child, and Brentwood is committed to help families meet the expenses of an independent school education.

Brentwood Can Help
Brentwood School has scholarship and financial aid opportunities available for qualified accepted students. The process is simple and completely confidential.

Where do we begin? (Begin this process only after Admissions Process is complete.)
-Complete a financial aid application online at FAST.(Note: There is a $43 non-refundable fee to FAST.)
-Provide all documents required by FAST.
-FAST will assess your ability to pay the cost of attending Brentwood School and provide the school a recommended award decision.
-Brentwood's confidential Financial Assistance Committee will review the recommendation from FAST and make a decision regarding financial aid.
-You will receive written notification of Brentwood's Financial Assistance Committee's decision in a timely fashion.

"Next to love and a Christian heritage, there is no greater gift you can give a child than a quality education."
Lucy Nell Smith