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Brentwood School enjoys a long tradition of excellence in the arts and recognizes that growing imaginatively and aesthetically as well as intellectually, physically and socially is crucial to the development of each student and to a balanced and complete education. The fine arts curriculum supports the belief that teaching the history, vocabulary and body of knowledge of each of the major fine arts disciplines ensures that Brentwood School students will posses an awareness and appreciation of the fine arts and of their cultural heritage. Our program also emphasizes the importance of the arts as a tool for learning to generate creative ideas, feelings and thoughts and for helping students learn to articulate those responses with sensitivity and age appropriate competency within the framework of the fine arts disciplines.

Dance, drama, music and visual arts, the four major disciplines of the fine arts, are included in the curriculum and are also offered through private lessons taught on the Brentwood campus. In addition to taking classes, students have the opportunity to learn and gain confidence by performing and producing art through dance and piano recitals, plays, musicals, choral presentations and visual art exhibitions. To further enhance fine arts literacy, students take field trips to museums and theaters in larger cities and attend, on campus, Brentwood's Fine Arts in the School programs. These opportunities ensure that our students are exposed to a wide range of fine arts on a professional level.

Brentwood School graduates continue to distinguish themselves in the field of fine arts and to demonstrate that a quality fundamental education in the arts can later be useful as a life enhancing avocation or a foundation on which to build a fine arts vocation.

"Next to love and a Christian heritage, there is no greater gift you can give a child than a quality education."
Lucy Nell Smith