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Eloise Adams    Upper School Instructor
Emily Andrews    Marketing/Communications
April Blackmon    3rd Grade Teacher
Brannon Bonifay    Athletic Director, Varsity Baseball Coach
Lynn Bonifay    Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Department & Daycare Supervisor
Anne Brantley    Head of School
Susan Brantley    5th & 6th Grades Teacher
Bert Brown    PE, Varsity Football Coach, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Upper School Health
Kelly Bryan    Upper School Teacher
Tommy Cain    PE/Coach
Christin Jolley Davis    Upper School Teacher
Allison Doolittle    Upper School Teacher
Eileen Duffie    Library/Media Specialist
Ellen Hall    Business Office Manager
Patti Harris    5th & 6th Grades Teacher
Charlotte Hitchcock    Receptionist
Laura Johnston    Administrative Assistant
Molly McAfee    2nd Grade Teacher
Lindsey Noggle    1st Grade Teacher
Amanda Peavy    Upper School Teacher
Tori Phillips    5th & 6th Grades Teacher
Whitney Rhodes    Upper School Teacher
Kena Selby    Upper School Teacher, Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach & Track
Merion Sheppard    Bus Driver
Renee Shurling    4th Grade Teacher
Kelli Smith    Pre-K Teacher; Special Projects Coordinator
Jerry Snider    Upper School Teacher
Shelley Snider    5th & 6th Grades Teacher
Michelle Story    Food Services Director
Nicholas Sweat    Upper School Teacher
Mary Ellen Tinley    Music Department
Traci Upton    Upper School English and Foreign Language
Rhonda Veal    Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager
Dianne Walker    Upper School English
Christy Wallace    K-12 Art Teacher
Melissa Weatherford    Early Pre-K Teacher
Suzy Wilson    Kindergarten Teacher
Ben Wolfe    Director of Physical Plant/Director of Discipline/Varsity Softball Coach
Cindy Wolfe    Physical Education Instructor
Elaine Young    Guidance Counselor

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.
Albert Schweitzer