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Literary Team - State 2nd Runner-Up
March 23, 2018

Congratulations to Brentwood's Literary team for earning 2nd Runner-Up at the State AA Literary Competition!

Dr. Jerry Snider, Mrs. Mary Ellen Tinley, Mrs. Allison Doolittle and all of the students who participated should be very proud of Brentwood's accomplishments!

State Placements:

1st - Piano: Kirstan Smith

1st - Boys' Quartet: Wynn Andrews, Eli Diaz, Marshall Hodges, Denver Pingley

3rd - US Extemporaneous Speaking: Christopher Kitchens

4th - Rhetorical Essay: Peyton Massingale

4th - Humorous Oral Interpretation: Matt Miller

4th - Impromptu Speaking: T.J. Roughton

4th - Boys Solo: Eli Diaz

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