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The Brentwood Story
Washington County Independent Schools was incorporated in 1969 to provide independent educational opportunities in the Washington County area.  The first school was comprised of grades one through eight and was located in Davisboro, Georgia in facilities owned by the Davisboro Development Corporation.  The following year the high school grades were added, and the Linton Hall Building was constructed on a Sandersville campus to house grades 1 - 6.  The kindergarten was added in 1973.

The Upper School students (grades 7-12) remained on the Davisboro campus and suggested that the Board of Directors name their high school Brentwood.  By January of 1974, both the Upper School Building and the Activities Building were ready for occupancy on the Sandersville campus.  With the Lower School and Upper School located on the same campus, both schools became known as Brentwood School.  In 1993 the Board of Directors voted to change the corporate name of the school from Washington County Independent Schools, Inc. to Brentwood School, Inc.

In 1988 the  Upper School Building was expanded to house the art department, a darkroom, a computer lab, and two additional classrooms.  The Lucy Nell Smith Building for the kindergarten and the new four-year-old program was added in 1994.  In 1996 the old typing room was renovated to house an expanded computer lab, and the original computer lab became a classroom.

Brentwood School has always stressed the importance of quality education, and over the years the school has developed a well-respected, college preparatory course of study that attracts the children of many Brentwood alumni.  The academic success of Brentwood students is reflected by its students' average SAT scores, which are consistently above the state and national averages and by its students' success in college.  Brentwood graduates, earning an impressive number of merit scholarships, attend colleges and universities through the southeast.

Brentwood School also stresses the importance of a well-rounded education in a safe environment.  Students learn valuable lessons from the school's comprehensive athletic, literary, and fine arts programs.  They experience the responsibilities of citizenship afforded by the Student Council and learn about the world away from their rural setting through field trips and travel.

Brentwood School is a vital institution in the infrastructure of Washington and surrounding counties.  In turn, industrial, business, and community leaders have, through their financial support, helped make many improvements in the facilities and educational programs of the school.  These friends along with dedicated parents, past and present, have given time, talents, and resources to provide this quality educational experience.

Intelligence plus character � that is the goal of true education.
Martin Luther King, Jr.