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The annual Brentwood School Magazine Fundraiser Campaign is sponsored by the PTO and has been an annual fundraiser at Brentwood for more than 20 years.  Brentwood receives 40% of all sales with funds going straight to our operational budget.

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The Six Pillars of Character

October - Trustworthiness

Being honest, sincere, forthright, and candid.  Having integrity to discern what is right and having the moral courage to act on it.  Keeping promises.  Being dependable and prepared.  Having loyalty to stand by, stick up for, and protect one's family, friends, school, and country. 

November - Respect

Honoring the individual worth and integrity of others.  Showing courtesy and civility.  Honoring reasonable social standards and customs.  Living by the Golden Rule. Accepting differences.  Judging on character and ability.  Respecting the autonomy of others.  Avoiding actual or threatened violence. 

January - Responsibility

Being accountable.  Exercising control.  Setting goals.  Choosing a positive attitude.  Doing one's duty.  Being self-reliant.  Pursuing excellence.  Being proactive, persistent, and reflective.  Setting a good example.  Being morally autonomous. 

February - Fairness

Understanding the processes and results of decision making through impartiality, thorough gathering of facts, and hearing all sides. 

March - Caring

Being compassionate, kind, generous, and sharing.

April/May - Citizenship

Respecting the law.  Doing one's share.  Pursuing the common good.  Protecting the environment.  Respecting authority.  Honoring the principles of democracy. 

Genius without education is like silver in the mine.
Benjamin Franklin